Visit the Mysterious Cramond Island in Edinburgh

Edinburgh and its surrounding area are rich in rich in history, but you don’t have to go to a museum to see it – one mile out to sea, just seven miles away from Edinburgh’s bustling city centre, lies Cramond Island. If you want to discover Edinburgh’s hidden history, or even just want a nice walk away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then add Cramond Island to your stack.

How can I get to Edinburgh's islands?

Take one of the Lothian Bus routes from the city centre and walk across to this fascinating island during the low tide.

Cramond village is only around 7 miles out from the city centre, while the island is connected to the Scottish mainland by a causeway longer than the island itself that becomes accessible during the low tide, dotted with concrete teeth that were designed in WWII to prevent boats and submarines from getting through. The island has long been abandoned and is now full of abandoned wartime forts and relics, some being painted with graffiti, as well as some wonderful nature spots, making for an atmosphere that you can’t find anywhere else in the country. From the highest point of the island, you can see the Forth Bridges and even the Edinburgh skyline.

  • The 41 bus goes between the city centre and Cramond village.
  • Check the times of the tide carefully at the signpost near the causeway – people have been trapped on the island and had to call rescue services previously.
  • There are parking spaces at Cramond village near the entrance to the causeway.

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