Create Memories with New Moments Iceland

Looking for some help in spicing up your trip to Iceland? New Moments have got you covered! With a flair for creating unique moments on this amazing island, New Moments specialize in coming up with the perfect solution for creating memorable activities and events.

What's the best thing to do in Iceland?

If you're stuck for ideas, New Moments is here to help. Book a tailor-made experience in a range of activities, tours and more that will make your trip to Iceland unforgettable.

‘Moments’ are designed around unique themes, focusing on Iceland’s rich cultural heritage while giving guests some much needed time to relax. Reykjavík City Moment gives offers a fascinating walking tour of the capital city, giving you an insight into the culture, history and cuisine (yum!) of Reykjavik. Get a friendly welcome to your trip to Iceland with the welcome moment in the location of your choice, where you’ll be greeted with wine, traditional delicacies and Icelandic folk music! Challenge yourself and swim in the North Atlantic waters before you bathe in a nice warm outdoor pool, or take a wellness hike to enjoy the spectacular nature of Iceland. Each experience is guaranteed to be unforgettable!

  • Check the moments page for a choice of activities.
  • It’s recommended to phone for bookings.
  • Moments are tailor made to request, so there are no fixed prices or dates.

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