Creative Writing Retreat in Cricieth

Nestled in the heart of the scenic Llŷn Peninsula, overlooking the tranquil waters of Cardigan Bay and framed by the rolling hills of Snowdonia National Park, Tŷ Newydd Writing Centre stands as a beacon for writers and literary enthusiasts from around the globe. This historic house, once home to former Prime Minister David Lloyd George, has been transformed into a sanctuary for creativity, offering a unique blend of professional guidance, inspirational setting, and a supportive community atmosphere that fosters literary talent.

About Tŷ Newydd

Tŷ Newydd Writing Centre is renowned for its comprehensive range of writing courses and retreats tailored to suit writers at every stage of their journey. From poetry to prose, beginners to seasoned authors, there is something for everyone. The centre’s experienced tutors are accomplished writers themselves, providing invaluable insights and personalized feedback to participants. The serene surroundings and intimate class sizes encourage deep reflection and unhindered creativity.

What makes Tŷ Newydd Writing Centre unique compared to other writing retreats?

Tŷ Newydd Writing Centre distinguishes itself through its rich historical significance as David Lloyd George's former home; its idyllic location amidst Wales' stunning natural beauty; its wide range of tailored writing courses led by accomplished authors; and its strong community ethos that fosters lasting connections among participants.

Accommodation and facilities

The accommodation at Tŷ Newydd is designed to provide comfort and tranquility. Participants can choose from a variety of rooms within the historic house or opt for the more modern annexes. All rooms are thoughtfully furnished to ensure a restful stay. Common areas such as the library, conservatory, and gardens offer peaceful nooks for writing or contemplation. The on-site kitchen serves delicious meals prepared with local ingredients, catering to all dietary requirements.

Programs and workshops

Throughout the year, Tŷ Newydd offers an array of programs ranging from weekend workshops to week-long residential courses. These sessions cover various genres including fiction, non-fiction, scriptwriting, poetry, and more. Specialized courses focusing on themes such as nature writing or storytelling also take place regularly. In addition to group workshops, one-to-one tuition is available for those seeking more personalized guidance.

Inspiration beyond words

The magic of Tŷ Newydd extends beyond its structured programs. Its location in Cricieth provides ample opportunities for exploration and inspiration. Whether it’s wandering along nearby beaches, visiting historical sites like Cricieth Castle or immersing oneself in the local Welsh culture – there’s plenty to stimulate creativity outside writing sessions.

A community of writers

Perhaps one of Tŷ Newydd’s greatest assets is its vibrant community spirit. Writers leave not only with enhanced skills but also with lasting friendships formed over shared meals, evening readings by the fireplace or walks in the lush countryside. This sense of belonging creates an environment where ideas flourish freely – making it an ideal retreat for anyone looking to nurture their writing craft.


  • Historic house with literary significance
  • Idyllic location in Wales’ Llŷn Peninsula
  • Variety of tailored writing courses
  • Experienced tutors who are accomplished writers
  • Comfortable accommodation with thoughtful amenities
  • Inspirational setting conducive to creativity
  • Vibrant community atmosphere fostering connections among writers

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