Patisserie Viennoiserie Classes in Devon

Are you a foodie looking for something unique to add to your Stack? Why not try your hand at some Viennoiserie! Viennoiserie (which means ‘things from Vienna’), is the name for the kind of baking first made famous by the French.  It comes in two forms: the laminated dough and unlaminated dough, both of which use yeast to create their amazing lightness. Croissants are the obvious example of laminated dough, concocted with layers of yeasted dough and butter. Brioches are the classic example of the unlaminated dough, enriched with butter and eggs to just melt in the mouth. The Artisan Bakery School is the perfect place to learn how to make some yummy treats and have a fabulous day doing so!

Through this course you’ll learn how to :

  • Make two kinds of laminated dough, one plain and one sweet
  • Create a selection of pastries including croissants, pain au chocolat, frangipane butterflies and apricot Danish.
  • Make your own crème patisserie
  • Mix, mould and bake  your own individual or ‘tear and share brioche

Where can I find a baking Viennoiserie baking class in Devon?

The Artisan Bakery School will have you Bake Off ready once you take one of their yummy baking classes.

As part of this wonderful experience, it includes course notes, lunch, refreshments and all of your beautifully gift-boxed pastries to take home so you won’t be walking away empty-handed. If you’re looking to add a few more activities to your time in Sparkwell, why not visit Dartmoor Zoo, Coachhouse’s classic cars or even organise a trip to Delta Force and battle your friends in a game of paintball to really shake things up? 

  • Per person, the workshop costs £195 
  • Duration is 10 am – 5 pm
  • Skill level: Some experience with baking is recommended 

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