CSI Experience near Huddersfield

Ever wanted to learn what it takes to be a forensic scientist and how the pros help to make a case? This CSI experience will show you the ropes and then throw you into the deep end to try and solve your very own case! From murder to kidnapping you’ll have to use skills the experts will show you to uncover the secrets hidden from plain sight to solve the crime!

Where can I learn about forensics?

If you want to learn how the pros try and crack a case and have a go yourself, then this CSI experience is a great mix of education and fun to try your hand and see if you have what it takes to catch the perp!

Hosted by true experts you’ll use real-life techniques and learn how to lift fingerprints, interview witnesses, gather evidence, and much more!

Book online and learn whether all those TV shows have been lying to you and have loads of fun in the process!

  • Half-day experience – £49 pp
  • Full-day experience – £99pp
  • Also available for kids’ parties and work events

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