Cutty Sark in Greenwich

Cutty Sark in Greenwich

Cutty sark is a British clipper ship made to carry tea back from China. She was built on the River Leven in Scotland (1869) and was the fastest in that time. She was one of the last Tea clippers to be built after being replaced by steamships and was built to last 30 years but kept going for an amazing 52.

Where can I see the worlds only surviving extreme clipper?

At the Royal Museum Greenwich, it is now an award-winning attraction in London. she is 150 years old and visited sixteen different countries, its famous name was from a poem by Robert Burns called Tam O’Shanter.

Ready to set sail? Up on the deck you will find the ships wheel and sails.

Visit the captain’s cabin and see how they lived, ate and slept, see for yourself the luxury in the cabin itself. The amazing new gallery. There is so much for adults and kids to explore on board the Cutty sark, playing games, touch the hull and learn how the crew lived and worked at sea. Meet the characters from the ships past and listen to there amazing stories on board the fastest ship of this day. While the opening of Suez Canal marked the end of sailing ships in the tea trade Cutty Sark transported tons of coal and wool and has transported more than 45 000 bales in its career. Cutty sark was famous for recording fast passage times and became dominant in bringing wool from Australia to England. 653 men served on it and ranged from 14 to 65 of age, The amazing Cutty sark survived storms, the First world war and a terrible fire in 2007. It is an amazing attraction and is home to the worlds biggest collection of carved wooden figures.

Book now for £7.50 or £15 if you’re an adult!

Cutty Sark

King William Walk
SE10 9HT
Phone: 020 8858 4422


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