Want to get rid of those two left feet and develop those dancing skills? Look no further! Forever Yung Dance has got you covered! Whether you are looking for an introductory session or looking for a means of fine-tuning your moves, there is a class for everyone to thrive in at Forever Yung Dance in Alnwick!

Why should I attend a class at Forever Yung Dance?

Forever Yung Dance in Alnwick offers visitors a wide range of classes and sessions to get those feet moving! Also offering useful dance related products, the dance classes help ensure that visitors can have the best possible dancing experience and ensure plenty of fun and enjoyment!

Those who are looking to take part in dancing for the first time can take part in the beginner ballroom and Latin dance classes! This class covers the fundamentals of 4 different dances to help provide a solid foundation for visitors to build upon their social dancing. The 8-week long program covers the Foxtrot, Jive, Waltz and Cha Cha!

Another class run at the dance studio is the Salsa.. Salsa.. Salsa.. Lesson! Targeted toward beginners, this class includes immersion into the rhythms of Latin American dance! The salsa classes are designed to help dancers learn this style quickly and also have a tonne of fun while doing so!

For guests looking for a more personal learning experience, there are also private dance lessons on offer at Forever Yung Dance! These classes are the fastest way to learn! Available for individuals or couples, participants of these sessions will receive 1-to-1 tuition from dedicated professional teachers. These lessons are perfect for those who wish to accelerate the rate at which they are learning and also top up any existing dancing skills or techniques!

  • Beginner Ballroom and Latin dance classes from £40 per person and last 8 weeks
  • Salsa classes from £40 per person and last 8 weeks, targeted towards beginners
  • Private lessons from £30 per individual or couple per hour

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