David Bowie Memorial in Brixton

David Bowie was a musical artist that meant a lot to a lot of people. The gender-bending alien rockstar was know for iconic albums that explored themes of love, death and fame. His music touched the hearts of many people and you can really see that fact at the David Bowie memorial in London.

Where can we see a David Bowie memorial

Visit Brixton and see the Brilliant and Artistic David Bowie Memorial

The memorial features a massive painted tapestry of David Bowie’s iconic character Ziggy Stardust and all over the tapestry fans have left signatures and messages expressing their love for Bowie. Fans also leave flowers and other memorabilia next to the memorial to honour the life and times of David Bowie.

  • Perfect for fans of David Bowie who want to honour a rock and roll legend
  • Beautiful tapestry
  • Leave flowers to pay your respect to a star that changed music forever.

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