Aim, set and fire. Delta force paintball are now offering a magical day out full of action with yourself and friends, from birthday parties to stag do’s this is the perfect start to any day out. Delta force is known for their high quality standards and there outstanding facilities when it comes to the world of action. With more and more game modes added every year it will always be a fun and challenging experience for you and your fellow fighters. With over 25 years of paintball experience you are certain to enjoy this thrilling day out, you will be provided with all safety equipment before participating in any of the games you will play on the day.


Where can i find paintball in Christchurch?

Paintball in Christchurch can be found by the Waimakariri river, deltaforce paintball are offering a great day out for yourself and friends, it is really accessible if you are heading from the city center as it is only a 15 minute drive.


Kid games prices will begin from $14.99, this will include a session of paintball, 6 – 8 different game modes to play, all body and head safety equipment, a weapon and 100 paintball’s to begin. You can partake in other packages which are as follows, ‘recruit pack’ this includes 500 paintball’s, a full session of playing and all equipment for only $70. There is then the ‘commando pack’  which includes 1000 paintball’s for your full playing session, all safety equipment, gloves and a groin guard. The final package is the biggest one, this will see you begin with 1500 paintball’s, and will include everything that the commando has. Additional paintball’s can be purchased through out each session from $25 for 100, the more you buy the more you save.


  • All safety equipment provided before stepping into playing field
  • Group games and walk in games available
  • Set prices for each game

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