Discover Iceland with Mountain Guides

Funstackers, Mountain Guides will take you where you want to go! Whether you love glacier walks, trekking, backpacking, hiking, ice climbing, mountain climbing, skiing, or just want to be involved in a personalised expedition! They offer training in their mountaineering courses. Their altruistic aim is to get you immersed in Iceland’s splendid wilderness, which is why they showcase the awe-inspiring beauty of Iceland all year round!

Where can I get a guided tour of some of Iceland's most beautiful landscapes and wilderness?

Icelandic Mountain Guides provide hiking, caving, glacier walks, ice climbing, and mountain climbing expeditions, to help you experience Iceland's most amazing features.

The Adventure travel expert was founded in 1994 by 4 passionate mountaineering guides who wanted to introduce their outdoorsy, active lifestyle to a whole new host of people so they to find enjoyment in mother nature. They empower their guides and therefore you by granting ownership of all operations so that they offer you the best experience of mountaineering possible! In fact, their expertise levels are so high that they set the standard in safety; mountaineering expertise and environmental protection across the industry!

  • Most Awarded Adventure Tour Company in Iceland
  • Tours are designed to be safe, fun and environment friendly
  • Created the Glacier Walk in Iceland in 1994
  • Advocates for conservation of the pristine Icelandic nature