Discover one of the Worlds Greatest Archaeological Sites at Sutton Hoo

If you’re a fan a history, you’ll know that Suffolk is famous across the world for it’s range of archaeological sites. If you’re visiting the county, then Sutton Hoo needs to be at the top of your stack! This majestic, beautiful 255 acre estate is home to one of England’s greatest and most important archaeological finds, where you can discover the incredible story of an Anglo-Saxon King and his treasures through this magnificent burial.

Where is Sutton Hoo?

If travelling by car, take the B1083 Melton to Bawdsey, and follow signs from the A12. The closest train station is Melton, 1¼ miles away. You can also take the bus from Ipswich to Framlingham (passing Melton train station).

Sutton Hoo is the site of one of Europe’s richest Germanic burials, the grave of an Anglo-Saxon king fully equipped for his journey into the afterlife. The discovery was made in 1939 in a quiet corner of Suffolk’s countryside, as World War 2 was approaching. The burial chamber was full of extraordinary treasures, designed to signal the power of the king buried here, each one telling its own story and revealing more information about their owner and their lives. Sutton Hoo stands today as one of England’s richest sources, and changed people’s understanding of England’s early history.

Delve into the spectacular history of Sutton Hoo at the museum exhibition, where you can take a journey through the world of Anglo-Saxons, and what the objects unearthed at the burial reveal about their lives. Admire the sophistication of the treasures that demonstrate unrivalled craftsmanship skills, a life-sized map of the burial chamber and more to get a picture of fascinating community.

Sutton Hoo on TV

The discovery of Sutton Hoo, an immensely rare find in England, is a story so great that it has inspired a novel that was subsequently adapted into a critically-received Netflix film!

If you want to find out more about the people behind this incredible discovery, then explore Tranmer House, where you’ll step back into 1939 to meet the inspiring characters that led this archaeological mission. Through audio and visual exhibits, you’ll immerse yourself in the journeys of Edith Pretty, Basil Brown and more who are central to the story and have captivating stories to tell.

There are eighteen burial mounds across the estate, from kings, royal figures to warriors. You can get a breath-taking view of the site from the 17 metre tall viewing tower, with a panoramic view of the heathland and the River Deben surrounding it, and on a clear day even further beyond. Explore the tranquil woodlands and follow the sculpture trail, lovingly created and inspired by the objects discovered in the burial as well as the world of Anglo-Saxon art. If you’re with the family, there’s plenty to keep the kids entertained, with lantern trails and wildlife spotting guides for them to get stuck into.

Whether you’re a history buff, or just looking for a family day out, Sutton Hoo is the perfect trip out in Suffolk!

  • Opening times:
    Tranmer House & Exhibition Hall 10:30 – 16:30
    Tower 10:00 – 16:00
  • Admission:
    Adult £15.00
    Child £7.50
    Family £37.50
  • Cafe and shop available on site.
  • Various walking routes can be found here.
  • Check out the family activities here.
  • An exciting new exhibition, including artefacts loaned from the British Museum, opens on May 19 – see the details here.

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