Discover the Beauty of Egmont National Park

Calling all lovers of the outdoors! Egmont National Park in Taranaki is the perfect spot for you! With miles upon miles of gorgeous scenery, an abundance of walking trails, and even some Skiing locations, this park has everything to suit your inner adventurer!

Why should I visit Egmont National Park?

Egmont National Park or as it is known in Māori, Te Papakura o Taranaki, surrounds the great Mount Taranaki and offers scenic waterfalls, rainforests, and mossy swamps!

The Egmont National Park has 13 entrances, which makes it one of the most accessible wilderness areas in New Zealand! The ‘Around the Mountain Circuit’ can take between 3 to 5 days to complete. The 2-to-3 day Pouākai Circuit, which starts and finishes at North Egmont, crosses over the Ahukawakawa Swamp and the remains of the old Pouākai volcano. There are also a variety of short walks that can be found in the surrounding areas of the park.

The main climbing route up to the summit starts at North Egmont. It is recommended that you allow up to 8 hours for the return trip! During winter, the summit climbs are for experienced snow and ice climbers only. Climbers taking on the summit will need a good knowledge of the mountain’s unique snow and ice conditions, a high level of experience, as well as the right equipment and knowledge of how to use it. It is also recommended to check the weather forecast prior to the climb for any weather alerts and notify friends and family of your trip.

The ski field on the eastern slopes of Mount Taranaki is operated by the Stratford Mountain Club, but always welcomes visitors! The skiing season runs from June to October. The ski field is located 30 mins from the car park so be prepared to carry your gear or take a trip on the ‘flying fox’ system that is in place.

  • Please come prepared for hiking or summit climbing as the conditions can be dangerous
  • Summit climbers don’t need mountaineering experience but should be experienced hikers
  • Mount Taranaki holds large cultural significance so please respect the rules in place

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