Discover the Breathtaking Lake Matheson

Are you a sucker for soaking up the sights? Lake Matheson in the West Coast has the perfect scene for you! Enjoy relaxing strolls around the lake with gorgeous backdrops and scenery! Add to your stack to kick off your West Coast experience!

Where can I find Lake Matheson?

Take a turn on to the Cook Flat Road in the middle of Fox Glacier Weheka township. Travel for 5 km on this road then take aright turn onto the side road to reach Lake Matheson.

Lake Matheson can be found buried in ancient forest and is known for it’s mirror views of Mount Tasman and Mount Cook. The perfect reflections are created by the dark colour of the water, which is the result or organic waste from the forest floor. The best times to witness these perfect reflections are at Dawn and Dusk.

When arriving at the lake’s car park there is a walking circuit for visitors to explore and see the best views of the area. The first section of the walk leads to the jetty viewpoint and is suitable for assisted wheelchairs. Once you are across the Clearwater suspension bridge, the route to the jetty viewpoint leads you past tall kahikatea and rimu, as well as a rich variety of other flora species. The jetty provides an unrivaled view of the mountain reflected in the water.

After visiting the viewpoint, the route continues further around the lake. On this route you will find a mountain reflection surrounded by native foliage at the top end of the lake, and again at Reflection Island.

  • Car park to jetty walk: 40 min return car park to jetty (1km)
  • Lake circuit walk: 1 hr 30 min return lake circuit (2.6km)
  • No boating, kayaking or canoeing
  • Make sure to come prepared for the hot weather with water and sun screen


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