Discover the Omarama Clay Cliffs in Waitaki

Are you looking for a natural wonder to explore? Why not visit the Clay Cliffs near the town of Omarama in Waitaki? Visitors can navigate their way through the cliffs by following the pathways that have been carved out from erosion over the years. Add the Clay Cliffs to your stack to start exploring everything Waitaki has to offer!

Where can I find the Clay Cliffs?

The Omarama Clay Cliffs can be found just 10km from the nearest town of Omarama on the South Highway 8. Turn off toward the Omarama Clay Cliffs, just north of Omarama by following Qualiburn Road.

The Omarama Clay Cliffs are a very unique natural attraction and are exactly what the name suggests! The tall, sharp, cliffs were formed around one or two million years ago and are made up of many layers of gravel and silt. They are believed to have been formed by rivers that flowed from large, ancient glaciers in the area. Seeing as the cliffs are made of clay, they are vulnerable to erosion. The erosion that the cliffs have endured has formed points and peaks all around the area, some even as tall as 30 metres! With the towering rocks and pathways carved throughout the cliffs, the Clay Cliffs are a fantastic place to visit and enjoy.

Visiting the Omarama Clay Cliffs does cost, however, it is not expensive. Just before arriving at the Cliffs, on the last turn off, there is a sign that states the price for your visit depending on what sort of vehicle you are visiting in. The prices for entry are $5 for a car and $15 for a bus. Payments are made via the honesty box, found before passing a small gate. Because of this, it is a good idea to have some change on you as there is no one on hand to give you change. All money made via the honesty box is used by the farmer who owns the land to maintain the road leading to the Clay Cliffs.

  • Please bring appropriate footwear
  • Be careful when exploring as the surface can be uneven and made up of loose rocks
  • Please pay entry price via honesty box found on the way to the Cliffs


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