Discover the Stunning Hokitika Gorge

Calling all lovers of the outdoors! If you are looking for some of the best looking water in the country then look no further! The bright blue water and beautiful native bush is well worth adding to your stack!

What town is closest to Hokitika Gorge?

The Hokitika Gorge is 33kms from the nearest town of Hokitika.

The Hokitika Gorge may be a slight detour from civilization, but it is a detour you definitely won’t regret taking! As you make your way along the walking trail you will catch glimpses of the beautiful blue water through the trees. The walking trail isn’t demanding and is loaded with spectacular scenery and native bush.

The Gorge is only a short walk from the car park via a rimu and podocarp forest that leads to a viewing platform where the water doesn’t look real! The viewing platform is only a short 4 minute walk from the car park and this part of the track is accessible for wheelchair users.

If you decide to carry on further to the swing bridge and the granite rocks of the gorge, you will be rewarded with other viewing platforms that provide increasingly gorgeous views!

  • Wheelchair accessible up until the first viewing platform
  • Free of charge
  • Be cautious if going for a swim as the blue water can hide some of the rocks


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