Discover the Tawhiti Museum in the Taranaki Province

Are you soaking up the history of the North Island? Why not pay a visit to the Tawhiti Museum on your travels and discover more about the South West of the Taranaki Province! Add this to your stack now to dive into an experience filled with heritage and entertainment!

Why should I visit the Tawhiti Museum?

Tawhiti Museum is widely regarded as the best private museum in the country, the museum uses life-sized exhibits and models to depict New Zealand's heritage in a series of hyper-realistic and engaging displays!

The museum is separated into a series of differently themed galleries, each of which uses scale and life-sized models as well as artefacts and pictures. All of the displays and models are designed and created in the museum’s studios. The smaller scale models and figurines are precisely sculpted in wax before a mould is made, allowing multiple figures to be cast. No matter whether the subject is shipping, farming, railways, or small scenes of people and cultures, the attention that is given to research and detail is spectacular! The settings and figures combine to create powerful 3D images of the past!

  • Open every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday from 10 am to 4 pm
  • Open every day from Boxing Day to the end of January
  • Open Sundays only during June, July, August
  • Group visits are available via arrangement only
  • Mr Badgers Cafe is open during the same hours as the museum
  • The Bush Railway runs on the first Sunday of every month, school holidays and public holidays

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