Diving at Scapa Flow, Orkney

For the ultimate diving holiday, the M.V. Invincible is Orkney’s largest dive boat with a length of 25m and is licensed to carry up to 12 passengers and three crew. The Invincible explores the many WW2 wrecks at Scapa Flow. The charter includes six days of diving, with seven nights onboard accommodation, two dives per day, all your air fills, breakfast and lunch. The dives include wreck diving, drift diving and scenic diving. For photographers, the trip is a great opportunity to photograph sea life and the Orkney coastline.

Where can I book a diving holiday to explore the wrecks at Scapa Flow?

The M.V. Invisible offer a 7-day diving holiday to explore this historic site.

Scapa Flow is one of Europe’s premier wreck diving centres and the historic site of the scuttled German High Seas Fleet. You will find seven large warships and four destroyers. The area is a natural harbour providing shelter from the worst of the weather. It has been used as an anchorage since Viking times and through both world wars. 

Onboard they can accommodate all levels of divers from a PADI beginner, seasoned BSAC veteran or advanced IANTD Technical. They offer facilities for individual divers or groups of up to 12 divers. Accommodation is within six twin-berth cabins; each cabin has its own radiator and hand wash basin. Operating out of Stromness harbour, the Invincible provides a unique diving experience.

  • Groups of up to 12 divers
  • Charter including 6 days of diving and 7 nights of accommodation
  • Explore the wrecks of Scapa Flow with two dives per day

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