Dominion Cinema in Edinburgh

The Dominion cinema is a classy five star cinema with the energy of classic hollywood. The cinema is rated 5 stars for many reasons. Enjoy their warm pop corn and comfy seating while watching modern blockbusters in a cinema that looks straight out of the 1950’s.

Where can we go to see movies in Edinburgh?

Visit the Dominion cinema for a five star movie going experience

The Dominion are know for their first class service, you are shown to your seat by an Usher, sat in a beautiful theatre like room in the comfiest leather reclining sofas ever. It’s got five screens, there’s a bar and confectionary stand and the staff all seem to enjoy working there. The walls are adorned of pictures from famous film stars who’ve visited the venue. The entire experience my be a little bit more expensive than visiting your local Vue but you pay for their 5 star service, comfy seating and the beautiful building the cinema is located in.

  • Old school cinema with character
  • Comfy seating, beautifully decorated cinema and amazing bar.
  • The Dominion Cinema is open 10am – 10pm


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