Downhill Demesne & Hezlett House in County Londonderry

Downhill Demesne takes you on a journey through a life rooted in history and nature. As you enter this enchanted house, there is plenty to discover. Wander through the 18th-century demesne, discovering dovecotes and gardens along the way, and you’ll come across a stunning temple.

Why should I go to Downhill Demesne & Hezlett House in County Londonderry?

Explore Mussenden Temple, on the cliff edge, and the spectacular 18th-century residence of the Earl Bishop, which is now in ruin.

With its sheltering gardens and cliff-top paths, this lovely walk over Downhill Demesne will take you around the North Coast’s headland. Stop for a break and a must-see shot at the renowned Mussenden Temple, which was inspired by the Tivoli Temple of Vesta.


Come discover about the history of Hezlett House’s 250-year-old cottage and the eccentric Earl Bishop’s life in Downhill Demesne.

Earl Bishop Frederick Augustus Hervey, the flamboyant heir to the 1st Earl of Bristol, was born in 1730 as the third son of John Hervey. Because he was unlikely to inherit the title, he chose a career in the Church. He didn’t look to be your typical churchgoer.

Mussenden Temple: The Scandal

The Earl Bishop’s most renowned structure, Mussenden Temple, stands on the extreme brink of the cliff above Downhill Beach. However, this magnificent structure is linked to a family scandal.

And more!

Set your save the date at Mussenden Temple and Downhill Demesne in any season and enjoy gorgeous scenery for your wedding day.

At Lion’s Gate, Al’s Coffee Hut offers takeout coffee and tea. It’s the best way to warm up before visiting Downhill Demesne and Mussenden Temple, especially when paired with the right pastry.

  • Opening times: 10:00 – 17:00
  • Dont have to pre-book; Just come on in!
  • Just 1 mile away from Castlerock in a car

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