Driving Simulation County Tyrone

Driving Simulation County Tyrone

Are you looking for a different type of driving experience? At Evo simulations, you will be hooked up to the latest state of the art computing systems and to put you into a simulation where you can drive race cars and more!

Where is Evo Simulation

Evo Simulation is located on Drumquin Road

The system has a variety of simulations, choose between being a race car driver or a rally driver, maybe your want to try out truck driving? or even take things slow and enjoy a farming simulation. Whatever it is you choose they can deliver it to you with their mobile centre, a converted RV turned into a unique driving experience. They can accommodate parties such as stag/hen dos, corporate events and birthdays. Enjoy a side by side race with your friends while inside a simulation and good luck beating them!

  • Available for hire
  • Prices vary depending on time and amount of people
  • Unique driving experience

Evo Simulation

55 Drumquin Road
BT81 7RG
Phone: 07842064950
Email: info@evosimulationni.com
Website: www.evosimulationni.com


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