Dunraven Bay – An amazing beach which featured in Doctor Who!

Southerndown, also known as Dunraven Bay, is a predominantly sandy beach, with rocky areas exposed at high tide. It is located along the Glamorgan Heritage Coast, and is enclosed by spectacular cliffs.

The beach itself is popular for swimming, and watersports such as canoeing and surfing. It has some excellent rock pools which can be explored at low tide. The rocks here are rich in fossils, and it is one of the best beaches in the area for fossil hunters.

This beach featured in Doctor Who as Bad Wolf Bay – the iconic beach that Rose says goodbye to the Doctor in the finale of the second season of the reboot. It also featured in the infamous episode “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” as a hologram beach on the spaceship that the dinosaurs where contained on. The reason that they used the same set twice is because the BBC is well known for reusing the same sets for multiple episodes and also they probably wanted to film on this beach again because of how beautiful it is.

  • Visit a beach which is a Doctor Who filming location
  • Dogs are banned from this beach
  • Features a carpark and toilets
  • Offers great views of the Bristol channel!

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