Earthquake Museum in Christchurch

Are you looking to learn a little more about New Zealand? At Quake City they have created a large exhibition on the earthquakes that took place on the south island of New Zealand in Canterbury.

Why should I go to Quake City ?

Quake City Museum has loads of information and provides a great opportunity to learn more about the earthquake that took place in Christchurch in 2010.

The earthquake in Canterbury took place in 2010, the earthquake also known as the Darfield earthquake was a magnitude of 7.1 and caused a lot of damage the Canterbury. The exhibition has sections dedicated to the people who helped rebuild after the event as well as the people who lived through the earthquake and hear their stories. At the Museum there is a section on education for those who are interested in learning more about earthquakes and how this natural event takes place. This is a great activity for all ages as it has interactive learning and a great display of things to see from the events that took place in 2010.

  • Open every day from 10 am to 5 pm
  • Prices – Adult $20, Children under 15 free, Children under 15 (Unaccompanied by an adult) $8, Students/Seniors $16.
  • Only 1 floor so the museum is Wheelchair Friendly

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