Edinburgh Old Town Treasure Hunt Trail

Edinburgh, Scotland’s historic capital, is a city brimming with culture, history, and beauty. It’s a place where the past meets the present in a stunning display of architecture and landscape. Among the many attractions this city offers, Treasure Trails stand out as an exciting and unique way to explore Edinburgh. These self-guided tours not only provide an adventurous way to discover the city but also offer an engaging experience for visitors of all ages.

What are Treasure Trails?

Treasure Trails are themed self-guided walking routes designed to take participants on a journey through the hidden corners and famous landmarks of Edinburgh. Each trail comes with a booklet or downloadable PDF that includes directions, clues, and puzzles that need to be solved to complete the trail. Themes vary from spy missions to treasure hunts and murder mysteries, making every trail an exciting narrative adventure.

Can you participate in Treasure Trails all year round?

Yes, Treasure Trails can be enjoyed throughout the year regardless of season.

Exploring Edinburgh’s history through trails

The trails are meticulously planned to ensure participants not only enjoy solving puzzles but also learn about Edinburgh’s rich history along the way. From the cobbled streets of the Royal Mile to the serene beauty of Holyrood Park, each step on a Treasure Trail is a step back in time. Participants get to uncover stories about historic figures, ancient buildings, and monumental events that shaped Edinburgh.

Family-friendly adventure

One of the great aspects of Treasure Trails is their appeal to families looking for an engaging activity that combines learning with fun. The trails are designed to be accessible for children and adults alike, making it a perfect family outing. Solving clues together not only brings families closer but also encourages teamwork and critical thinking among younger participants.

How to participate

Getting involved in a Treasure Trail is straightforward. Visitors can purchase trail booklets online or from local tourist information centers in Edinburgh. Once equipped with their trail guide, adventurers can embark on their journey at any time that suits them best – there’s no need for booking or joining guided groups. This flexibility allows participants to explore Edinburgh at their own pace while enjoying an immersive experience.

Tips for treasure hunters

To make the most out of your Treasure Trail experience in Edinburgh, here are some tips: wear comfortable walking shoes as you’ll be exploring on foot; bring along snacks and water especially if you’re venturing on longer trails; always have your phone charged for taking photos or using digital maps; lastly, keep an eye on weather forecasts as Edinburgh’s weather can be unpredictable.


  • Self-guided themed walking tours around Edinburgh
  • Suitable for all ages making it perfect for family outings
  • No booking required – start your adventure anytime
  • Explore hidden corners and famous landmarks
  • Learn about Edinburgh’s rich history through fun puzzles

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