Educational day out at The Peoples Palace Glasgow

Educational day out at The Peoples Palace Glasgow

Calling all history and Culture lovers! Are you looking for a unique day out? Well then why not come down and see Glasgow Green in all of its Glory. Not only will you see this famous old park, but you can also feast your eyes on the magnifiscent Peoples Palace and Winter Gardens. The Peoples palace tells the fascinating story of Glasgow and its people since the 1750s up untill the modern day. This museum helps visitors to explore and learn all about this beautiful cities people, through the showcasing of artifacts, interactive computer displays and paintings.

Where can i find the Peoples Palace in Glasgow?

The building is located in Glasgow Green, which is based in the east end of the city. The facility is around 15-20minutes walk from Glasgow central and is well served by bus and rail links.

This beautiful facility desribes to its visitors in high detail, how the citizens of this city lived, worked and played in all the years gone by. As if that wasnt enough, outside of the building there is the famous Doulton fountain, which is the pride of the area. At the moment, the winter gardens are shut. Although, these could be opened again in the near future. The peoples palace is the main focal point of the area and is something that every member of the family can enjoy. So why not make your way down and learn all about this magnificent city and its people since the 1700s!

  • Free entry.
  • Parking.
  • Wheelchair access.
Glasgow Green
G40 1AT
Phone: +44 (141) 276 0789


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