eeek! Escape Rooms take pride in the distinctive designs of our Escape Games and the engaging tales that they create together. Euan is the creative mind who is constantly ‘puzzling’ away in his studio, while Ellie is the business mind who keeps everything running smoothly. In fact, they have enlisted the support of our whole family in this amazing world of locks, keys, and mystery, and we rely on their advice and assistance on a regular basis.

Why go to to eeek escape rooms?

Conveniently located in the bustling West End of Glasgow. Our Escape Games come in a variety of themes, each with its own engaging tale. Our puzzles and props are all completely developed and produced by us with their own storylines to follow, making each of our rooms genuinely unique!

Whether you come to our location to play one of the themed rooms or we meet elsewhere with our mobile Escape Dinner games, you can count on our committed staff of Games Masters to care for you.

Escape Dinners

Escape Dinners are an excellent way to enhance your festivities. For birthday parties, weddings or other special occasions. We can accommodate up to 120 players. Our tabletop Escape Dinner Games may be enjoyed over a meal in a restaurant, or they travel to your workplace and be a part of your next team-building event.

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