Love a game of football? Why not bring your friends along to have a game of Electric shock football in Brighton. Perfect for stag and hen dos, this isn’t just your typical game of 5 aside football. It has a shocking twist and this game will leave you buzzing (literally). Everyone will have a turn at being in control of the shocking devices- can you put on a brave face and fool your friends that you’ve not been shocked?  Get ready to put your trust in your friends’ hands and have a day full of laughs!

Why should I visit electric shock football in Brighton?

Electric shock football is a hilarious way to play some football with your mates and give them all a bit of a shock! Their venue has excellent indoor and outdoor pitches, an onsite bar, and changing facilities making it ideal for birthday events, stag and hens do and groups of friends.

On arrival you will be split into two teams and fitted with one shocking device each, two people from each team will side aside and be in control of the devices. The winners will be presented with a bottle of bubbly to celebrate their victory! Head to the website to make a group booking enquiry for available venues in Brighton.

  • Groups of 10-18 players play for 60 minutes
  • Groups of 19-24 play for 90 minutes
  • Groups of 25+ play for 120 mins
  • Over 18s only!

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