Escape Livingston!

One of the best Escape rooms, paired with ONLY 60 minutes to escape. Do you have what it takes to find the way out?

Why should I go to Escape Livingston?

It's unique, gives everyone a reason to comunicate and work as a team for family and friends.

Some exciting Escape rooms include:


Witchcraft and Wizardry

Enrollment is only 60 minutes away, and someone has pulled a cruel joke on you by concealing your wand. Explore the castle’s dungeons and locate your wand before the school bell rings.



Espionage takes place in a typical residence. However, there is a twist, as you could imagine. Your crew has been tasked with extracting data gathered by the journalist dwelling there.

You will be tested to your limits. Espionage will put you to the test in a variety of areas, including code breaking, observational skills, and mental dexterity.


Prison Breakout

Your crew has been wrongfully imprisoned! Despite the fact that you have been given a considerable quantity of money, the warden refuses to let you leave the institution.

You’ve been planning your escape for months, and now is the moment to get out of the cells, break into the warden’s office, and deactivate the security systems. You only have an hour so get a move on!



2 People 3 People 4 People 5 People 6 People
Per person £17.50 £14 £12 £11 £10
Per room £35 £42 £48 £55 £60

Hurry and get your tickets now!

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