Do you have what it takes to beat the room? Paradox Parlour is a fully interactive escape room that takes you right into the reality of a story. As a team of 2-6 players, can you find the clues and solve the puzzles in time? Bring your friends and family for a day to remember!

Where can I find Paradox Parlours?

Located in the heart of Guilford town centre at the bottom of Jeffries Passage in Jeffries house!

Take part in 2 exciting escape rooms at Paradox Parlour in Guilford:

The case of the missing gun – this room will take you right back to the 1930s in New York City where private investigator Lary has been trying to take down the infamous crime boss Vince- can you find the missing gun and help Larry lock Vince up for life?

Venus- the world is in need of a team of engineers to stop the venus virus from spreading across the entire global network before it’s too late!

  • Off-peak (Mon-Friday)- £86 per team
  • Peak (Sat-Sun)- £98 per team
  • teams of up to 6

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