The Locked Door Escape Rooms in Aberdeen

Want to test you and your friends to see if you can escape a locked room in less than sixty minutes? In a group of 2-6 people, you will have to solve a variety of puzzles and prove that you can succeed. From themed rooms such as The Heist, Raiders, The Enchanted Forest and The Quarantine Zone – only available in the summer months – you can take your pick and set off to tackle the unique and exciting puzzles with your friends. Spice up your visit to the escape rooms during the winter months by picking one of their themed rooms, such as No Elves and Santa’s Workshop.

Where can I find Escape Rooms Aberdeen?

Tucked away, close by Aberdeen's main street, The Locked Room beckons adventurer souls to come and test themselves!

Locked Door is a small business based in Aberdeen that has a hand in creating everything that goes into their themed rooms. They design the games and build the props, sets and puzzles for your utmost immersion. What can be more unique than a set created one-hundred per cent independently by the team at The Locked Door?

  • Must book in advance – arrive 10 minutes early and wait in the car park for staff to come and get you
  • Team sizes of between 2 and 6
  • Activity recommended for 10 years old and above
  • Under 16s must have an adult accompany them 
  • Varying costs per person depending on team sizes;
  • Pay for group: 2 – £44 (£22 per person), 3 – £54 (£18 per person), 4 – £64 (£16 per person), 5 – £70 (£14 per person), 6 – £78 (£13 per person)
  • No toilet on-premises
  • Special occasions, birthday party booking available
  • There are even escape rooms available online to get you in the mindset!

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