Escape Rooms in Bury

Are you a fan of problem solving? Compendium escape rooms in Bury offer some of the most difficult escape rooms you will find, you and your team will be up against the clock whilst working together to work out the most difficult challenges. The hardest task may be to stay calm and not argue with your team mates in these stressful minutes. Each room that you will take part in will have it’s very own theme, one of the rooms is based on the movie “Wrong Turn” where in this challenge you will be looking for gas but with the hope you do not make the mistaking of taking the wrong turn.


Where can i find an escape room near Manchester?

You will not need to look far when it comes to an high quality escape room, Compendium Escape Rooms in Bury offer many different rooms full of multiple challenges for you and your team.


Escape room tips

  • Play with people you know as having a good chemistry is key
  • Yell out all clues that you find clearly
  • If you are struggling with a puzzle let someone else have a go, don’t waste to much time
  • Be a contributor not a spectator, helping out at all times is the best way to win
  • Organize objects clearly into useful and discard piles
  • Split up to search certain areas of each room


One of the most popular escape rooms that Compendium escape rooms has to offer is the “Bedlam” room, this specific escape room has been standing strong since the 1900’s, This escape room has many secrets waiting to be solved by only the smartest, you will need to work your way into the cell undetected and steal the vital documents and get out all without being noticed. There is age restrictions on this activity, any child under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a paying adult to take part. The costs are dependent on the size of group participating, groups of 2 will be 20 pounds per player, for every player added it will cost 1 pound less per player.


  • Comfortable clothing is advised
  • Refunds available if canceled in advance
  • Cafe on site to stay refreshed
  • Teams must arrive 15 minutes before start time


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