Immerse yourself in a plethora of different periods throughout history and place yourself in the shoes of characters in dire need of escape! Bring your friends and use problem-solving to battle against time and overcome challenges to determine if you will break free from your captures!

Where can I find an escape room in Edinburgh?

Escape Reality escape rooms provide a great experience for you and your friends! With 6 different rooms to choose from, there is a secret world waiting for you to be escaped from everyone!

Each of the escape rooms at Escape Reality comes with a different setting and theme, as well as a difficulty. This allows visitors to choose the best possible experience for their needs. The escape rooms available are as follows:

  • Alcatraz (Difficulty: 5) – Set in the famous maximum high-security prison, Alcatraz, set in the frosty waters of the San Fransisco bay. This prison has housed some of the most dangerous criminals in history, and none have ever escaped. Until now… Can you be the first?
  • Jungala (Difficulty: 3) – Based on the classic novel and movie about the board game Jumanji, you are taken into a portal and dropped off in an alternate reality. Escape from this realm or remain trapped forever!
  • Machina (Difficulty: 4) – You have just joined a team of scientists in creating robots that have recently been showing strange behaviours. You need to leave as soon as possible before the robots trap you and you become their experiment!
  • Nosferatu (Difficulty: 4) – Set in a small region of Romania in 1841, you are an investigator working to solve the mystery of several deaths in the area. Your investigation leads you to discover the presence of the famous vampire, Nosferatu! You must find him before he finds you!
  • The Asylum (Difficulty: 4) – Break into the halls of an abandoned asylum as you aim to work out if the rumours about its haunting are true. You decide to turn back but you are lost. Can you escape the asylum before the spirits find you?
  • Tortuga Pirates (Difficulty: 3) – Set sail as the captain of the Mariposa! Your crew have turned on you and locked you in the ship’s jail to steal your treasure. Escape the jail and score the treasure with your friends, or.. keep it for yourself?

For more information about the escape rooms please visit the Escape Reality Edinburgh website.

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