Want to experience one of the most unique day outs possible? Or are you just a code-breaking Megamind? Whatever your persuasion is, Escape Glasgow can be crossed out of your bucket list in style; Giving you a day that you will never forget. The premise of the facility is to provide a unique experience, where patrons are locked in a room until various clues are solved before the door is finally opened. The scariest part is, that you are most definitely locked in this room until the tasks are carried out correctly (or 60 minutes if you are unsuccessful).

Where is Escape Glasgow?

Escape Glasgow is located on Wellington Street in Glasgow City Centre. Just 0.3 miles from Glasgow Central Station.

Escape Glasgow has multiple different rooms to choose from, all with their own unique story and theme! These include “The Demon Barber”, “221B Baker Street- Sherlock Holmes”, “Coming home” and “Witchcraft and Wizardry”. So there is something for everyone at Escape Glasgow. Although, for Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts, this is an ideal day out as you get to carry out your dream of being the man himself for an hour! So why not make your way down to Escape Glasgow and be sure to treat yourself to a fascinating day?

  • Prices start from £44 per room, with a minimum of two people.
  • Linked with Hard Rock Cafe, where patrons can go for a meal after the game. As part of their admission fee.
  • City Centre parking available.

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