At escape reading, they have a wide range of escape rooms for you and your friends to solve and escape. With only sixty minutes on the clock, you and your friends will need to work together and use your problem-solving skills to reveal clues and solve puzzles to escape the game.

Why go to Escape reading?

To challenge you and your friends with some fun problem-solving in a set time challenge full of lots of different problems that must be solved to be able to be successful.

Escape reading has five different escape rooms for you to try and beat. Each room has its very own theme and ranges in difficulty. Some of these rooms are The Vampire slayer which is only suitable for people over the age of 16, the kidnapped room where you wake up in a small darkened room and no one can remember how you got there or the age of magic room where you and the team will be tackling a quest for magic, using ancient methods to unsolve the room.

  • The price per person is from £23 to £20 depending on the size of the group challenging the escape room
  • Escape reading has 2 locations, the other location is – 92B Audley street,  RG301BS
  • Groups of 2 + are needed
  • Must be booked in advance to ensure the dates and group size you wish

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