Are you looking for the perfect escape room in Wolverhampton? Come on down to Clockwork Escapes in Wolverhampton, they have a great range of different genres of interactive game rooms to choose from, Each of the themed locked rooms is a race against the clock to escape. But they’re also more than that. At Clockwork Escapes, you will aid the proprietor, the exuberant Professor Clockwork, in achieving one of a number of tasks whilst in the room of your choosing each room takes a lot of skill to complete clues can be found anywhere from in books to secret compartments, only the best escape will you?

Where can I go to an escape room in Wolverhampton?

Escapes Wolverhampton is located just off Waterloo Road, with ample car parking facilities directly opposite the venue.

Escape room tips

Escape rooms can be very challenging for first-timers so here are a few tips that will make the experience that little more enjoyable hopefully you can take these tips to complete the escape room you are attempting.

  • Call out every clue you find and make sure your team hears your call clearly
  • Split up into groups and work on certain areas of the room
  • Do not spend too long on a clue, pass it on to someone else to work out
  • Always check the clock so you are aware of the time left
  • Keep the room organised so you do not lose any clues that you may find

Do you and your team have what it takes to solve puzzles in 60 minutes before the time is too late? Clockwork can accommodate any group size, each game is for 6 players but can be 2 splits into 2 different games- escape rooms are perfect for any group day out, corporate event, team building, stag/hen party eg

  • Activity duration of around 60 minutes
  • Minimum age requirement of 12 years old
  • Prices from £22 per person
  • Opening times are from 10 am till 9 pm
  • Located less than 5 minutes outside of Wolverhampton City Centre


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