Escape Rooms in Tauranga

If you think you and your friends are the next Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson then come to Tauranga and take part in one of their 90 minute escape rooms. Escape rooms are when you are placed in a room which has a theme (your choice) and in order to escape you need to solve puzzles, crack the case and eliminate all that stands in your way but, be careful as you will be racing against the clock so make sure the pressure does not change your logical way of thinking. At Escape Rooms in Tauranga the themes of the rooms are; Da Vinci, Mad Scientist, Follow the White Rabbit, School of Wizardry, The Shire, Psycho Motel, Ritual, Diner and A Knights Quest (which is an escape quest)! Whichever one takes your fancy then come now and prove your wits!

Where can we go to try out an escape room in Tauranga?

Escape rooms in Tauranga has one of the only two 90 minute escape room in the whole of New Zealand and it is open every day except for Tuesday!

The cost changes depending on the number of players but ranges from $34-$50 per person so you may as well bring your entire group of friends as it is also a really brilliant way to celebrate one of your friends birthday!

  • Cost ranges depending on group size
  • Rooms last up to 90 minutes
  • 9 different escape rooms
  • Suitable for anyone over 5 however, under 15s should be accompanied by an adult


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