Are you and your friends or family looking for a fun and challenging activity? You should try Tulley’s escape rooms! They have many escape rooms for you to experience all ranging from different levels of difficulty.

Where is Tulleys Escape Rooms?

Located on Tulleys Farm just off Turner's hill road.

You have 60 minutes to try and use your problem-solving skills to find your way out of these themed escape rooms. The aim of it is simple, find the clues that are in the rooms, unravel and decipher the riddles, work together as a team, use your logic to crack codes and solve the mysteries of the rooms!

They have 5 escape rooms with their own custom layout and theme such as the mutiny room which is themed around pirates, the outfitters which are themed around gangsters and the Nethercott manor which is themed around ghosts. Each room is set for 2 to 8 players. If you are looking to challenge yourself and your friends this is a great activity for the stack!

  • Prices range from £22 per person depending on the day and size of the group
  • must arrive 15 minutes before the booked time

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