Europes Largest Stalactite in County Clare

Experience Europe’s largest stalactite in Doolin Cave in an underground tour like no other! Travel 70 feet underground to find the enormous stalactite that was created over hundreds of thousands of years.  The caves were formed when water passed through small passages in the rock, slowly dissolving it, creating large caverns and conduits. The rock is predominantly made of limestone, which when dissolves and starts to drip from the roof of the cave, deposits some of the limestone, slowly forming a stalactite. This process is what created the largest Stalactite in Europe, and you can witness it today!

Where can I see incredible geology in County Clare?

Travel 350 million years into the past and tour Doolin Cave to see one of the most amazing rock formations in Europe!

Get your hard hat on and join a guided tour to learn everything there is to know about the cave, including details about the individual caverns and the stories of the men who discovered them. The tour takes roughly 45 minutes there are around 125 steps in and out of the cave. There is a cafe nearby and you can also buy some amazing pottery, made from clay out of the cave! This is an awe-inspiring experience perfect to share with friends and family, so add the Doolin Cave Tour to your Stack today!

  • Adult | €17.50
  • Child | €8.50
  • Senior/Student | €15.00
  • Under 3 years | Free

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