Learn to paint with Claire Blyth in Peebles! With a 4 week block of classes, you can learn to express and develop your creative side in a relaxed and friendly environment with encouragement and advice from a professional artist. The aim of these classes is not only to learn the skills and techniques needed to help you create art but to find your own artistic voice.

Where can I learn to paint and draw in the Borders?

Claire Blyth offers 4-week blocks of art classes in Peebles.

Claire’s 4-week class blocks are structured around assignments based on researching and studying a chosen artist and using their work to fuel your own. You’ll be emailed with the details of your artist in advance and given advice on how you might incorporate their work into your own during the session.

Drawing tips for beginners

To get started while working from a photo, consider turning the image upside down.  This will help avoid any preconceptions you have about shapes. When you turn it the right way around, you’ll be surprised to see how well you did!

Studying the work of other artists is one of the best ways to explore your own style, discovering what you do and don’t like and what works for you creatively.

  • Classes run Wednesdays from 7.00 – 9.00 pm and on Fridays from 9.30 – 11.30 am
  • Based at Peebles Community Centre
  • Typically taught in 4-week blocks
  • The list of materials you should bring will be provided once you sign up
  • Windows are left open for airflow so dress warmly and bring your mask
  • Blocks of 4 classes at a cost of £50

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