Explore Ireland with Offaly Enchanting Tours

Calling all adventure seekers! Are you looking for something interesting to do on your next day off? Well, do we have the perfect day out planned for you! Make sure you take a trip around Ireland with Offaly Enchanting Tours! This is a private bus tour company that specialises in showing you all of the different sites around the midlands and across the country.

How can I explore Ireland?

Unfortunately, the public transport network outside of the major cities in Ireland is quite poor. However, there are a number of private tour guide companies around the country. One of the finest examples of this is Offaly Enchanting Tours.

The company provides many different types of tours, some specialising in History and others in different elements of Irish culture. These tours include the likes of Day Trip Adventure Tour, Castles of Offaly Tour, Monks Murders and Masters Tour and Spook Troop Tours that include Halloween at Leap Castle! There is a tour for everyone with this company. So what are you waiting for? Make the most of your next day off and take a journey around the midlands with Offaly Enchanting Tours!

  • Tours start from €95 per person.
  • Patrons must be over 13 years of age.
  • Pre-booking is advised.

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