Explore Lake Ohau in Waitaki

Are you a lover of all things outdoors? Come along to Lake Ohau on New Zealand’s south island to witness spectacular views and enjoy exciting activities such as swimming, fishing and even some snowsports! Add the lake to your stack today to witness what New Zealand’s scenery has to offer!

Where can I find Lake Ohau?

Lake Ohau can be found between the towns of Omarama and Twizel. The town of Ohau is around 320km southwest of Christchurch and 220km northwest of Queenstown.

Lake Ohau, found in the Mackenzie Basin in Waitaki, is a picturesque location for lovers of the outdoors! When arriving at the lake, the first thing you will notice is the water’s beautiful turquoise colour, a result of the glacial silt from the surrounding mountains falling into the lake.  for outdoor lovers. The first thing you’ll notice when you visit is its stunning blue-green colour, resulting from glacial silt carried from the surrounding mountains into the photogenic lake.

It is a popular choice to set Lake Ohau as a starting point for various adventures in the Southern Alps and central region of the Island. Make sure to look out for the famous Mount Cook, which can be spotted from the nearby Lake Pukaki. Take a trip during the day to the area to enjoy some glacier trekking or boating! Why not even take a helicopter ride to the top of Mount Cook, and then soar back down on a mountain bike! Better yet, you can ride on a glider and soak up the majestic vistas that the lake is known for!

Nearby, are the Ohau Snow Fields, a well-known family-friendly destination for snowsports on the lake’s western shore! The popularity comes from the wide range of trail levels. Whether an amateur or a seasoned professional, guests will find lifts and trails sure to please.  The warmer months at the lake provide plenty of opportunities for the likes of birdwatching, kayaking, fishing and hiking. From the lake, experienced hikers frequently take on the Tekapo Walkway and the numerous trails within the Ruataniwha and Ahuriri Conservation Parks.

  • Plenty of walking and cycling trails nearby
  • Swimming, kayaking, and other water activities are welcome at the lake
  • Snowsports are available in the area
  • Perfect for photo opportunities


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