Explore Scotland’s Secret Bunker near St Andrews

Descend beneath a Scottish farmhouse and discover Scotland’s secret nuclear war bunker. This unassuming farmhouse conceals a secret kept for over 50 years – Scotland’s underground nuclear command centre! Built by the RAF in 1953 to withstand the threat of a nuclear attack during the Cold War, the bunker contains everything its command would need to survive a nuclear war with the USSR and run Britain from within its concrete labyrinth.

Where can I learn about the Cold War in Scotland?

The Secret Bunker near St Andrews is an immersive history experience that gives you inside knowledge of the inner workings of Scotland's secret nuclear command centre, as well as the government's plans for if a nuclear strike did occur at that time.

Discover the world of Cold War Britain 100ft underground and imagine what life might have been like at a time when the threat of nuclear war was a very real one. This unusual attraction is a must for any Cold War nerds!

Scotland in the Cold War

Because of Scotland’s location between Europe and the North Atlantic, it occupied a key strategic position during the cold war – a range of military installations were built in and around Scotland and its oceans by NATO, from airfields, submarine bunkers, and of course, nuclear bunkers, like this secret farmhouse bunker.

The Bunker was operational up until 1993 and contains a mess hall, the nuclear operations room, an RAF control centre, the Royal Observer Corps, dormitories and even two cinemas. Wander around at your own pace or book a Cold War historian guide in advance to get even more out of your visit. The Officer’s Mess Cafe is open for hot and cold refreshments all in a Cold War era setting with memorabilia on the walls.

  • Open daily from 10 am to 5 pm from the start of February until the end of October
  • Adult ticket £13.95
  • Children (4-15) £9.95
  • Concessions (Students, Carers, Military, Police, over 65s) £12.95
  • Family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) £37.95, Grand Family ticket (2 concessions, 2 children) £31.95
  • Group discounts are available for groups of over 10 people
  • Cafe open 10am-4pm

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