South West England, a region known for its rugged coastlines, picturesque villages, and rich history, is also home to some of the most unique and intriguing attractions found on Atlas Obscura. These hidden gems offer visitors an alternative perspective on travel, inviting them to explore the lesser-known corners of this beautiful area. From ancient ruins shrouded in mystery to modern marvels that defy explanation, South West England’s Atlas Obscura sites promise adventures that are as varied as they are fascinating.

Discovering the ancient

The region’s deep historical roots are evident in its numerous ancient sites. Among these, the stone circles stand out as a testament to the area’s prehistoric past. These enigmatic formations have puzzled historians and archaeologists for centuries. Visitors can wander among the stones, feeling the weight of millennia under their feet and pondering the same mysteries that have intrigued humans throughout history.

What makes stone circles in South West England particularly intriguing?

The stone circles are particularly intriguing due to their mysterious origins and purpose, which have puzzled historians and archaeologists for centuries.

A journey through nature’s oddities

Nature in South West England has carved out wonders that seem almost otherworldly. Caves with sparkling walls, forests straight out of fairy tales, and coastline features sculpted by the relentless sea create a landscape where every turn reveals a new surprise. For those willing to venture off the beaten path, these natural oddities provide unforgettable experiences and photo opportunities unlike any other.

The allure of forgotten places

There is a haunting beauty in abandonment, and South West England hosts several sites that embody this allure. From deserted medieval villages to derelict industrial sites reclaimed by nature, these locations tell stories of times gone by. Exploring these forgotten places allows visitors to step into a different era and imagine life as it might have been before silence took over.

Innovation and eccentricity

The spirit of innovation is alive in South West England, showcased in attractions that blend creativity with eccentricity. Whether it’s an art installation hidden in the woods or a museum dedicated entirely to peculiar inventions, these sites celebrate human ingenuity in all its forms. They remind visitors that sometimes breaking the mold leads to extraordinary outcomes.


  • Ancient stone circles with mysterious origins
  • Natural wonders including caves and coastal features
  • Forgotten places offering glimpses into past lives
  • Creative installations showcasing innovation and eccentricity

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