Ready to have a once in a lifetime experience with some majestic birds of prey? At Forest Falconry, they are dedicated to giving you a personal and hands-on experience with different variety of birds of prey.

Why go to Forest Falconry?

To get a close experience with amazing birds of prey.

At the centre you can book a full day of falconry, when you arrive you will be introduced to your teacher and flying team that is made up of Owls, Hawks, Falcons and eagles! After being introduced you will be fitted with a falconry glove and through the day will be introduced to each bird of prey where they will fly up and you will get a chance to hold them and see them up close.

Later on in the day after meeting a wide variety of birds you will get the chance to feed them and give them some exercise by pulling a rabbit lure for the hawks to chase down. if you are a lover of birds of prey this is a must-add to the stack!

  • Half-day falconry Price £72, duration 3 hours
  • Full-day falconry Price £135 duration 6 hours
  • Food and drink provided

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