Falkirk’s Best Mountain Biking at Callendar Estate

Looking for a day of mountain biking on expertly constructed cycling trails? Then look no further than Callendar Estate Activity Centre in Falkirk, where you can access all of the network of trails for free, hire a bike or get a service from the on site bike shop or stop for a bite to eat between runs at the Café.

Where can I find mountain biking in Falkirk?

Take a trip to Callendar Estate's Activity Centre in Canada Wood and sample their excellently built cycle trails.

As one of the newest mountain biking venues in Scotland, the Callendar Estate Activity Centre has something for everyone. With kilometres of long, flowing trails aimed at children and families, technical routes to develop your skills and steep downhill jump trails for the most experienced riders. The site regularly plays host to races organised by the local Falkirk Junior Bike Club and has a busy and exciting atmosphere most weekends.

Mountain Biking Tips

The terrain at Callendar can be challenging, so here are so tips before you go!

  • When you’re riding over tough terrain, make sure to keep your body loose, to allow your bike to roll over it. When riding over a rock or a hill, for example, lift up your backside and keep your arms and legs extended out.
  • Keep your eyes forward – if you see a rock, or any other obstacle that you wouldn’t want to crash into, then don’t stare at it. Keep your eyes down the trail and try to rely on your peripheral vision to avoid them.
  • At first, don’t try to explode your way up steep terrain and hills. Ease into the ascent at your own pace, picking up speed if you feel like you’re able.

There are four main trails that start next to the skills park and many more short extensions, technical runs and natural challenges that are more than enough to easily fill a day. If you fancy trying mountain biking for the first time bike hire is available from the Greenrig Cycles website or from the shop on site.

  • Free Parking
  • Four main trails
  • Trail grades ranging from green through to black
  • On site bike shop and café
  • Check out the video below for a preview!

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