Fat Matt’s Burger Challenge in North Berwick

If you’re in the mood for meat and classic home style american meals the Grange has you covered.

Try unique burgers like the “across the pond burger” a burger with a beef patty bacon and cheese, now you may be thinking that sounds like a very basic burger but they throw a curveball with the last few ingredients as it features peanut butter and syrup to give it that Elvis flair.

Where can I find a food challenge to do in North Berwick?

at The Grange Steakhouse in North Berwick they offer the "Fat Matt's Burger Challenge" a burger eating challenge like no other

Their menu does have one crowning achievement that tops all the other burgers on their menu. The meatiest burger in all of North Berwick “Fat Matt’s Burger Challenge”. The burger is 2 beef patty’s and also has one chicken breast. Bacon and black pudding complete the list of meats featured in this burger. The burger is also topped with some lovely Monterey Jack cheese and Onion rings.

  • If you can finish the challenge in 45 minutes you get the whole meal for free!
  • Free T-Shirt (if you beat the challenge)
  • Vegetarian options on offer like there amazing halloumi burger and there famous macaroni and cheese

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