If you’re looking to learn martial arts in Bathgate, then Fighters Hive is the place to be. Whether you’re simply looking to get fit, making your first steps in martial arts or training to enter the professional world, this dedicated martial arts school in the heart of Bathgate have a wide variety of classes to suit every age and ability in a professional, friendly and welcoming environment!

Where can I learn martial arts in Bathgate?

With a fantastic range of classes, an extensive fully equipped studio and a highly accomplished head coach with years of experience, there's no better place to start training than Fighters Hive. Their studio is located around a 10-minute walk north of Bathgate station.

With a fantastic range of classes to choose from, there’s no better place to build up your knowledge of different martial art styles and start training. The school is led by head coach Ashe Mohammed, a student of martial arts since he was 8 years old, and extensive experience and accomplishments in multiple styles.

Have a go at their Muay Thai class, perfect for beginners and advanced alike, making extensive use of all of your limbs and a great way to build up your strength, endurance and stamina. If you’re looking to bolster your self-defence, then try out the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class, focusing on grappling and ground-fighting. Develop your technique and conditioning with their boxing classes, levelling up your skills with intense workouts and sparring sessions.

Ladies’ fitness classes are perfect for any woman simply looking to keep fit and bolster their strength, in a fun and welcoming class open to all abilities. If you’ve got kids, you don’t have to leave them at home – take them to the kid’s Muay Thai classes, in a fun and engaging way to improve their fitness and self-confidence.

Train, get fit and achieve your own personal goals at Fighters Hive!

  • Pricing:
    Pay as you go – £6/class
    Bronze Membership – £35/mo
    Choose two classes per week
    Silver – £45/mo
    Choose three classes per week
    Gold – £55/mo
    Unlimited access to all classes.
  • Check their website here for the timetable of classes.

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