Flying Lessons in Perthshire

If flying an aeroplane is on your bucket list, Perth-based Alba Airsports offers training experience and flying lessons on three different types of aircraft! You can learn to fly microlight aircraft, flexwing aircraft, or gyrocopters. Based at Perth Airport there are three runways, an operational tower, clubrooms, a café, and a gateway to the Highlands. Take to the skies while surrounded by amazing landscapes with this fantastic activity!

Where can I learn to fly in Scotland?

Head to Perth Airport where Alba Airsports offer a range of lessons flying three types of aircraft.

A microlight aircraft is simply a small aircraft that has a Maximum Total Weight Authorised (MTWA) of no more than 450kgs, or 472.5kgs if equipped with a ballistic parachute recovery system. If your goal is to gain a microlight flying license you will need to complete a minimum of 25 hours of flight training. Alba Airsports also offer suitably qualified pilots the option to self-hire their school aircraft for as little as £95/hr, which includes fuel and insurance.

Their primary training aircraft is a Eurostar SL Microlight, powered by the well-proven and reliable 80hp Rotax 912 engine which gives the aircraft an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, enabling a cruise speed of around 100 mph. If you would like to learn to fly – add Alba Airsports to your Funstacker list!

  • The range of aircraft includes flex wing, fixed-wing, and gyrocopter
  • Flying lessons from £135 depending on the type of aircraft (1-hour flight)
  • Experience flying sessions from £80 (30min flight)
  • Experience flights for those looking for fun, and training is available for those looking to improve their flight skills and gain their license.
  • Vouchers available for all aspiring pilots

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