FlyOver Flight Simulator in Iceland

Ever dreamed of flying? Well, now’s your chance!

FlyOver Iceland offers customers the chance to experience the sensation of flight, with the added safety and security of state-of-the-art technology. Like magic, you’ll sit suspended in the air, surrounded by a breath-taking wraparound view of Iceland (thanks to the 20 metre spherical screen). This a great way to see many inaccessible parts of Iceland without even leaving Reykjavik and saving a fair amount of time and money compared to something like a helicopter ride!

Where can I find FlyOver Iceland?

It’s located in downtown Reykjavik, in the Grandi neighbourhood just west of the city centre. There are bus links (specifically the number 14 Grandi Line) that can get you to this area. It’s very close to the Whales of Iceland Museum so it’s hard to miss!

But that’s not all – full motion seating allows you to move alongside the movie, so you can really feel like you’re gliding through the ancient hills and valleys before you. There’s also added special effects to increase your immersion, such as wind, mist and even scents! It’s truly a magical experience like no other.

  •  General Ticket (13+): 4.990 ISK
  •  Child Ticket (12 and under): 2.495 ISK
  •  Children must be at least 102cm (40”) tall to ride
  •  Open Monday to Friday: 11am-7pm
  •  Open Saturday to Sunday: 10am-7pm

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