Foot Darts in Glasgow
Foot Darts in Glasgow

Foot Darts in Glasgow

Foot Darts is our newest and most addicting game, bringing out your competitive and fun side with a penalty shoot-out type game without a goal or goalkeeper…you’ll be aiming at a large inflatable dartboard.

Why should I play Foot Darts at Bubble Soccer World?

It's a different take on football and darts. Anyone can play regardless of skill or fitness - there's fun to be had by any person!

Consider the following Foot Dart game variations:

Warm-up shots are always taken before any game of football or darts. Each participant will get a couple of swings at hitting the board to develop a feel for the game. During the warm-up, no scores are recorded.

Each player gets three chances to hit the board and score the most points possible. The player with the highest score after three shots wins.

This game consists of each player having three balls and attempting to manoeuvre their way around all of the numbers on the board, beginning with the number one and ending with the bull’s eye. The format will continue until a player reaches the end.

Each participant gets one try to land the ball on a higher or lower number than the preceding player. The game continues to cycle until all players are eliminated. Each player has three lives.

The format is the same as in Higher Or Lower, but the player chooses between Red and Black on the board.

Football Darts is an excellent game for any occasion, including Stag/Hen Dos, Team Building & Corporate Events, Kids Birthday Parties, and Gala Days.

From start to finish, all of our Foot Darts events are professionally organised and presented with fun-filled laughter, ensuring that your special event is one to remember.


  • Prices start from £17.50 – £45 per person
  • Each ticket varies in duration
  • Multiple areas for Foot Darts are available
  • Discounts are applied per person you bring
  • Mainly located on the west coast of Scotland
  • Any ages can play, make sure you attend on time

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