Want to be the next Ronaldo? Or how about the Phil ‘the power’ Taylor? Well with Foot darts you can be both! Foot darts is the new and addictive game at Bubble Soccer world where you and your friends can unleash your competitive side with a penalty shoot-out style game. There won’t be a goal or a goalkeeper though… instead, you’ll be aiming for a giant inflatable dartboard!

Why visit Bubble Soccer World?

If you’re looking for a day full of laughter and competitive sports then look no further than Bubble Soccer World, where you can play in the craziest games- this will be a day to remember!

Each game will start with some warmup shorts and each player then has 3 shots each to try to score the highest possible- can you hit the bullseye? There are different games to play each with a different aim:

Round the board- try and work around all the numbers on the board

Higher or lower- each player has an attempt at landing the ball on a higher or lower number than the previous player,

Red or black- same as higher or lower but choose between red or black

Arrow darts- using combat archery bows

Bubble Soccer world is the perfect place for group events- from parties to stag parties you will play games and make memories that will last a lifetime- see the website for booking enquiries!

  • 1 hour: £25pp
  • 90 mins- £27.50opp
  • 2 hours: £30

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